Hot Image Slider - Joomla image slider

Hot Image Slider – Joomla image slider module by HotThemes is a fully configurable, simple image rotator, based on jQuery. In module parameters, you have control over Joomla image slider display. You can change width, height, border. Also, you can enable or disable image titles, image descriptions and buttons. You can add internal or external link to each image in rotation. Module colors are also configurable (background, description text and buttons).

Kunena: Joomla forum component

Kunena is a forum component for Joomla. Integrating a forum into Joomla has always been possible but was never very easy, often involving the use of bridge extensions to connect Joomla to well-established, free-standing web-based forum products. The name Kunena is from a Swahili word meaning, “to speak”. It was derived from the former Fireboard forum with new and previous developers that include several Joomla core developers. The developers have a long term goal to redesign Kunena from the ground up to take full advantage of what Joomla has to offer. Read More →